Ron Paul should take Rick Perry to the woodshed

By Brent Budowsky – 08/26/11 01:26 PM ET

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) should, and probably will, take Texas Gov. Rick Perry to the woodshed as America’s leading phony conservative flavor of the month, and launch the mother of all Ron Paul money bombs. While Ron Paul is an authentic libertarian [editor’s note:  Ron Paul is a Republican Congressman from Texas with limited government ideas that are shared by many in the Teaparty and the Republican Party as well] Rick Perry, is a polyester political libertine who moves effortlessly from championing Al Gore to imitating Ron Paul.

While Ron Paul discusses monetary policy for 30 years, Rick Perry is a monetary parvenu who probably thinks QE2 is an ocean liner and descends to the gutter with language about the Fed that implies treason and appears to imply violence.

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And in another articcle on the site Brent Budowsky says:

Rick Perry makes Rod Blagojevich look like an amateur. Perry has perfected the art of raising campaign money from companies that receive state money to enhance their profits, and from individuals he appoints to state positions. Regarding pay-for-play schemes, Rod Blagojevich was Clark Kent and Rick Perry is Superman.

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Now don’t be confused and think  that Brent Budowsky endorses Ron Paul.  But they do give you some insight into why Rick Perry is being touted by some leaders in the Republican party and corporate big boys.  He will be able to raise a lot of money though and if elected, it won’t be used to protect your constitutional rights — based on his track record in Texas which is a mile long.

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