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We are in this race to win!

But we need to know something. Can we count on your help on Sunday, June 5th?

Other campaigns are already hitting high gear – or should we say they are hitting up the fat cats.

In fact, establishment candidate Mitt Romney raised 10 million dollars in one day a couple of weeks ago from well-heeled party bigwigs and Wall Street insiders, many of whom ponied up the legal maximum of $2,500 per person (or $5,000 per couple).

Well, our campaign’s grassroots supporters are holding another Money Bomb this coming Sunday.

And we think now is the perfect time to send a powerful message that the freedom movement is stronger than ever!

Will you make your most generous donation HERE on June 5th?

We don’t expect you, or very many other grassroots liberty activists, to be able to give the maximum this weekend. We just hope you will chip in what you can.

The truth is, an overwhelming showing on June 5th would force the establishment pundits to realize what we already know, Congressman Paul is campaigning as a top-tier contender and is a force to be reckoned within the Republican Primaries.

In fact, recent national polling shows him within striking distance of first place!

Of course, it’s no secret the Romney campaign thinks no one else can touch their fundraising tally.

But the truth is, our supporters have shocked the political establishment before!

And honestly, we don’t need 10 million dollars to match Mitt Romney.

After all, Congressman Paul doesn’t have to defend a liberal record as governor of Massachusetts!

He doesn’t have to defend passing a bill just as bad as ObamaCare or justify conflicting position statements. Mitt Romney does. So it’s ok if he has a bit more money than we do.

He’s going to need it!

But it is absolutely critical that we have the financial backing to build a first-class operation in early caucus and primary states to show the pundits, press, and undecided voters that Congressman Paul is a serious candidate.

So can we count on your support on June 5th?

We realize times are tough out there for many folks, but we hope you’ll be as generous as you can.

Each and every dollar will go toward implementing our plans to run a first-class, winning campaign to restore America now.

Support for Congressman Paul’s Presidential campaign is growing every day, and we are hopeful that we are in time to save America, rebuild our economy, and hand our children an even better country than the one we inherited.

Our hope is this critical Money Bomb will prove that our campaign doesn’t need fat cat bankers and rich elitists to compete.

But we do need you.

So can Congressman Paul count on you to make your most generous contribution HERE this Sunday, June 5th?

Thank you for all you do to help us win this race!

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