Flyer to Oppose Obamacare

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Excerpt from flyer below:

Oklahoma recently applied for and received a $54 M Early Innovator“ ObamaCare”grant. This grant application, officially called the Co-operative Agreements to Support Innovative Exchange Information Technology Systems, is a 41-page document outlining the purpose, authority, and background of the funding “opportunity,” as well as eligibility requirements states must meet in order to qualify.

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority is the grantee. The grantee has agreed to all the grant (contract) stipulations, including adhering to Sections 1311 and 1561 of the PPACA. These sections bind the state to the federal government in the development of the OK ex- change.

The legislators, sticking to leadership talking points only, have not read the 41-page binding grant nor the state’s response – yet claim to be informed decision-makers. This is not possible.

Until everyone fully understands the consequences to establishing an OK exchange, the only correct vote on HB 2130 is NO!

[R3publican Editor’s Note: The Oklahoma House has passed this horrific legislation, but there is still time to STOP it in the Senate.  Please call you State Senator and let him know your concerns ASAP!]