Palin 2012 Website Closing & Will Endorse Ron Paul

We originally grabbed the a few minutes into Sarah Palin’s excellent speech in 2008 at the GOP national convention. She obviously believes in limited government, is unquestionably the best GOP speaker since Ronald Reagan and the Republican establishment hates her guts. This was reason enough for us to create the website pending other likely candidates for the GOP nomination in 2012 including Ron Paul.

My name is Ron Holland, I’m a conservative/libertarian political and financial writer and I have owned and run the Sarah Palin for President in 2012 website. We have decided to close the website and endorse Congressman Ron Paul for President in 2012 because of his unique support for a balanced foreign policy, sound money and limiting the power of the Federal Reserve.

It is clear looking at Washington’s ongoing neocon foreign policy failures in the Middle East that America can’t afford more of the same after 2012. Paul is best qualified to campaign and educate the US electorate about a balanced alternative to the past 30 years of neocon mistakes.

Frankly during the last two years, we have become increasingly concerned about Sarah Palin’s continued dependence on neocon foreign policy advisors and their failing missions of costly military invasions and occupations especially in the Middle East. The long-term strategy of President Clinton, Bush and Obama of empire building and meddling in the affairs of other nations has turned much of the world against the United States. Now we are seeing oil resources and threatened in the Mideast in reaction to our invasions, drone attacks and support of foreign authoritarian regimes. We fear Egypt is just the first of many empire dominos to fall in the region.

Freedom and a return to a limited government republic at home can no more survive the financial costs and actions of the Washington Empire abroad than could the old empires of Rome and Great Britain. Palin’s neocon foreign policy views abroad and lack of understanding of Austrian and free-market economic solutions at home are needed today when a global run on the dollar and our treasury obligations threatens. We must endorse a potential candidate who understands the threat to our future prosperity by the Federal Reserve, Wall Street bailouts and will stand up against the political establishments of both political parties

In summary, Sarah we love your conservative views but America must return now to the non-interventionist foreign policy of George Washington, the limited government ideals of Thomas Jefferson and the economics of Ludwig von Mises. Otherwise our nation and empire will soon find itself drowned by currency collapse, a run on our treasury obligation and surrounded by enemies.

We want to say thanks to the thousands of Palin supporters who have contacted our website over the last 2 ½ years and you can reach her PAC at but as we stated at the bottom of the website:

“Note this website is an independent effort to change the direction of the GOP from the “business as usual” Republican establishment to the Tea Party movement representing the alternative social conservative views of Sarah Palin and the pro-liberty positions of Ron Paul. We believe the aggressive foreign policy actions of the Neocons threaten the future of the US economy and our remaining freedoms in the USA. We are in no way affiliated with either candidate at the present time.”

I believe the growing threats to our liberties, wealth and economic future is so critical from our foreign policy, the Federal Reserve, the national debt and the dollar that America needs a real choice outside from the political establishment in either party and specifically the neo-conservatives and for this reason, we endorse Ron Paul for President in 2012.

I pray he decides to run and urge our readers to attend the coming CPAC convention and vote for Paul in their very important presidential poll.
Take a look at the following websites for more information on Ron Paul:

Today in early 2011, it is far too late for politics as usual in either political party and we need to make a real change to preserve our freedoms, way of life and opportunity for future prosperity. We need Ron Paul for President in 2012.

Ron Holland

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