Action Alert – Calls Needed Today 3/17/11

Thursday, March 17, 2011, is the legislative deadline for the third reading and final passage of measures out of the chamber of origin. 

Two important bills on the House calendar and may be heard today. Please make calls and send email to your own legislator and as many others as you can on both of these bills.

Pro-Life bill:

Vote YES on HB 1571 by Vaughan/Blacwell/Ritze and Shortey of the Senate is a bill that defines a “person” as from the moment of conception, as originally written, without the Cox amendment..

Rep. Dr. Cox, who apparently has a philosophical disconnect from the pro-life issue, has added the following language to the bill:

C. This act shall not apply to in-vitro fertilization.

Life is life and to include this section creates two tiers of rights for the “persons” conceived.

This bill may be heard today, however, it must be noted that due to the timing of when this bill was put on the House calendar it may be bumped in favor of those bills favored by the specialist interest groups in this state.

Insurance Exchange/ObamaCare bill:

Vote NO on HB 2130 by Steele of the House, Jolley of the Senate. This bill is an enabling piece of legislation defining the governance for the HUB (Health Care for the Uninsured Board, created by HB 2026 in 2009),

The HUB is in charge of planning and implementing the Health Insurance Exchanges in OK. (See article below about how these exchanges are the cornerstone of “ObamaCare”, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.)

HB 2130 strikes the Insurance Commissioner (Doak, elected by the people) as advisor and aid to the HUB in their duties, and instead puts the appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services (Dr. Terry Cline) as the Executive Director of the HUB. 

Dr. Cline also serves on the Steering Committee for the Health Insurance Exchanges. (See article below about how these exchanges are the cornerstone of ‘ObamaCare’.) The Steering Committee, although claiming “Transparency” as a “Core Value”, has expressed displeasure that any member of the public might want to attend these meetings.

Please call/email you representative and ask for a NO vote on HB 2130. The entire concept of health exchanges needs open public discussion and debate before this state commits to something that cannot be undone in the future. Namely, socialized medicine.

OK House Members 2011-12 – Click here.
OK Senate Members 2011-12 – Click here.

The Oklahoma Legislature website:

OK House: 1-800-522-8502, or 1-405-521-2711
OK Senate: 1-800-865-6490, or 1405-524-0126

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