R3publicans are very pleased to be included in the NEW Liberty URLS aggregator site with parallel sites for opposition research.  Stay informed and active and keep focused on the goal of limited government and a truly free enterprise grassroots operational style.  These sites may serve to help us in that process.  If you wish to advertise on the site, please let them know!

For Immediate Release:

Announcing the unveiling of the Blogurls Network. Sites in the Blogurls Network allow visitors to use a single location to access the most up to date information from top political blogs in an easy to read format.

Liberty blogs  *** bookmark it today *** formerly/liberty urls.com

Conservative blogs formerly/conurls.com

Liberal/progressive blogs formerly/liberalurls.com

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans with a special hat tip to Frank Urbanic for his work on the Liberty portion of this project.  Another friend asked me why links to liberal sites would be useful information.  I replied that opposition research is always useful is assessing the lay of the land.  This is a basic “Art of War” concept which should be at the core of our strategic planning efforts!  I continue to challenge our people to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves as we proceed through the maze of propaganda in our midst these days~