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Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like SERIOUS action is going to take place in Nebraska on this issue – READ TODAY’S ARTICLE ON THE GiN SITE IF YOU NEED SOME EVIDENCE. (publishin at 8am)

The information below can be supported and examined in greater depth by reading some of our articles on the subject, which are listed further down.

  • Nebraska has a nearly $1 billion budget shortfall – by population, it’s proportional the $3.5 billion shortfall in Wisconsin.
  • Nebraska’s Retirement System – the government employee pension fund – has been bailed out several times in the past two yearsbecause many government workers’ pensions are not tied to market value, they are guaranteed benefits regardless of the market, unlike the 401k plans for workers in the private sector.
  • In order to “balance” our State budget, we have taken in a great deal of Federal stimulus funds, most of which was used to bailout the pension funds, as noted above, with the rest going to education (sold by Congress as “saving teachers’ jobs), and Medicaid.

One of the reasons Nebraska’s unemployment rate is so low is because too many people work for government in our State:

  • 17% of Nebraska’s workforce is employed by State or local government
  • In Lincoln, 24% of the workforce works for State or local government.
  • In Omaha, 15% of the workforce works for State or local government.

AFFECTING TAXPAYERS: Nebraskans are overtaxed…our top marginal income tax rate is as high as states that lost population in the past ten years; several studies in the past decade have shown that our taxation structure is suppressing business activity. Nebraska’s two largest cities, Lincoln and Omaha, have increased taxes in the past year because their budgets are in trouble. In Omaha, two tax increases were imposed to cover increased costs of a labor union contract. Lincoln’s telecomm tax was raised in 2010 to increase revenues, making it the highest in the United States; 24% of cell phone, landline, and other telecomm bills is taxation.

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[Editor’s note:  My guess is that every state in the union has this problem.  We will all be forced to address the issue of ‘us’ taxpayer’s being held hostage at the public trough.  History says it cannot go on forever .  We must address the problems now and get our fiscal houses in order from city to county to state to federal levels.  It will take all of us just saying NO over and over and over again.

We cannot spend more that we take in and the printing presses in continuous motion mean the money in circulation will soon be worthless.

R3publicans will find Grassroots in Nebraska articles well researched and documented for you to do further research easily.  Please educate yourself and share as you deem appropriate!

For Life and Liberty / Sandra Crosnoe]