All I know about him is his name is Brad and he posted a link on DailyPaul that lead me to his site only to discover that his work is very interesting and we share some mutual heroes too!  If you go to his pricing page you will see that a portion of what he makes goes back to the efforts of his heroes and I like that too.

Thank you Brad for sharing your work with the world and your philosophy too!

Reprinted below from a comment on the Daily Paul.

My Heroes smile…

Submitted by Hobbery on Sun, 02/20/2011 – 17:45.

I had to think long and hard about the whole “smile” thing when I was starting. I knew it’d be different.

To me, there’s something largely lifeless and static about traditional head busts. They either strike me as a somber memorial to guys that died in the last few decades, or (in the case of the classical busts) they literally strike me as a “recording” of a guys head… but not a celebration of their life. There’s nothing endearing about them to me.

If you examine the statues on this page (LINK) and pay attention to the postures of the figures depicted, you’ll find their shoulders are rarely uneven… and their heads are rarely tilted or turned just a bit… That’s robotic to me. They look like robots waiting to be activated…

Some show a little more range, of course. Some figures show a bit of posture (some movement). They go that far, and then they just stop at the face… no life there… I just go one step farther.

Murray Rothbard was a quirky little man that loved to laugh… He was a goof. Harry Browne made several references to the idea that he was a kid in an old man’s body. He even explained once that he and his wife were always just playing grownup… These guys weren’t grim intellectuals. Ron Paul is the most approachable man in congress… He’s a really lighthearted guy.

I think that (like me) most of their fans look at them affectionately… I want to reflect that. Besides, they’re different… They’re not Abe Lincolns or Henry Fords… They don’t deserve the same kind of statue.

So I hope the world forgives me for making my heroes smile. They make me smile…

All that said, I don’t know what the future holds. Some figures just wouldn’t seem appropriate to me with a smile. But I’ll still try my hardest to make them look alive.

Thanks for the kind feedback, guys. I appreciate you.

My Heroes

Thanks Brad, mine do to!

Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans