Special thanks to Kirk Shelley for this email received just now

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans in Oklahoma

Please fax immediately!

Today Congress is voting on extending the Patriot Act. When this passed after 9/11 many of us were concerned about giving this much power to the Federal Government, but at that moment we had just been attacked and Bush was President so many of us went along with it, because it wasn’t supposed to be permanent. We knew if another Clinton got elected, Congress would end it by not renewing it.

Well Obama has been much worse than Clinton ever was. His Justice Department sends out 30,000 “National Security Letters” (NSL’s) a year. NSL’s were created by the Patriot Act. If you get one of these, it is worse than an IRS audit. You have to send the FBI virtually everything about how you run your business. This all happens at your costs and your time. You can try and fight it, but you have to go to Federal Court – at your cost and time.

The Patriot Act is set to expire at the end of February. Please let your congressman know that it is time to end the Patriot Act. If we find out that that we need parts of the Patriot Act, we can pass new laws, with full knowledge of who is in the White House.

Attached is copy of the letter I faxed to my congressman this morning. Please take a moment to copy the letter to congress below and paste it in your word processor. Personalize it for you and your congressman. Then fax it to your member of congress. They are going to vote on this bill this afternoon.

Here are the fax numbers:

Representative John Sullivan (R – 01) 202-225-9187

Representative Dan Boren (D – 02) 202-225-3038

Representative Frank Lucas (R – 03) 202-225-8698

Representative Tom Cole (R – 04) 202-225-3512

Representative James Lankford (R – 05) 202-226-1463


Voter Opinion Fax

TO: Congressman

SUBJECT: Patriot Act

ACTION REQUESTED: Vote NO on Extension



As a fellow citizen, voter and Republican I implore you to vote against the Patriot Act extension today.

When this law was passed in 2001, many Republicans were nervous about giving so much power to the Federal Government, but went along with it because Pres. Bush was in charge. We would have never supported it during a Clinton presidency. Our concern was that if the Feds abused their power, they could effectively shut down whole industries.

That certainly has been the case during the Obama Regime. Since Obama has come into office, his Justice Department has used the power of the PATRIOT Act to demand private information from companies about their customer’s transactions over 30,000 times a year using what the Patriot Act calls “National Security Letters.”

Business owners who get these demand letters have one of two choices:

1) Give the government the information they want but potentially be sued by their customers for violating their privacy, or;

2) Face expensive litigation and possible criminal penalties for not doing what the government wants.

This is wrong, unconstitutional, and anti-American! The only reason you don’t hear about it is most businesses just go along with the requests so they can keep their doors open. Unlike TSA and its public groping policies at the airports, these violations of your privacy happen quietly on the Internet and in emails.

It is time for this abuse of power and intimidation to end. Please vote to take away this power from President Obama.