Contact: Mark Costello

Date: November 30, 2010

Staff Announcements
Commissioner-elect Costello Thanks Labor
Commissioner Fields for Smooth Transition

Edmond businessman and Labor Commissioner-elect, Mark Costello announced his appreciation to Labor Commissioner Lloyd Fields for the smooth transition between the incoming and outgoing administrations. “Commissioner Fields has displayed the highest level of professionalism in this transition process. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be briefed by each division director during a six-hour working session. A second two-hour briefing session by Deputy Commissioner M.C. Liest centered on the budget and agency funding. My thanks to Commissioner Fields for his corporation,” stated Costello.

Costello also announced the appointment of John Goodwin, of Tulsa, as Deputy Commissioner. Goodwin, formerly of Sinclair Oil, has over thirty years of human resource management experience and holds a Professional in Human Resources designation from the Society for Human Resource Management. Goodwin will be assigned to the Department of Labor Tulsa office.

“I am pleased to have John join my management team. John will be assigned to the Tulsa office, as I want to increase awareness of the Safety Pays program to the manufacturing base that is very significant in the northeastern area of the state,” stated Costello.

Don Schooler, of Norman, will return to the agency as General Counsel. Schooler has ten years of legal experience at the Department of Labor and currently serves as Assistant General Counsel at the Corporation Commission. Schooler earned his law degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Law in 1993.

“Don was first employed at the Department of Labor in 1996 where he successfully eliminated the backlog of nearly 1,800 wage and hour cases. Don has a demonstrated record of hard work that I believe will serve the citizens very well under my administration. Plus, I want Don to aid me in providing greater information to the public on compliance with existing laws in an outreach effort to professional and civic organizations,” stated Costello.

Previously, Costello announced Jim Marshall as his selection for Chief of Staff and transition leader. Marshall has taught college level economics and served previously from 1995 to 2002 as Chief of Staff to former Labor Commissioner Brenda Reneau.

[Editor’s note:  R3s are so very pleased with the style Mark Costello does everything — we look forward to working with him in office and on party matters as well.  Wishing he and his staff a happy holidays and a great transition!]