Friday Nov 12th 6-8PM CST

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Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen along with guest host Sandra Crosnoe and special guest David Hall the Belladier from Keller Texas will share experiences through the years and of late honoring our veterans with the Traveling Liberty Bell.  You will have an opportunity to call in and thank David for his service and ask questions about the law and liberty.  The Liberty Bell travels between the Tablets of Law.  David talks about the importance of the law and our soldiers in preserving our nation and proclaiming liberty throughout the land — ring the bell when you have an opportunity to do so.  Honor all who serve the nation under the Constitutional restraints our founding fathers challenged us to preserve with eternal vigilance and personal responsibility.

This week in Branson, Kaye and Sandra had the opportunity to be with David and Phyllis Hall and participate firsthand in events including the Veteran’s Coming Home Week, the School of the Ozarks, and the Military Ball.  We were amazed at the boundless energy and tireless sacrifice of these people with such an amazing symbol and treasure from our history.  As people rang the bell and touched it and felt it’s reverberations, they were renewed in their spirit and washed with compassion for our fallen who gave so much to protect this nation in the past.  Young children and young adults heard about those who have gone on before and challenged to seek the Lord and continue in the battle for Life and Liberty.

Listen in Friday night to hear more about the Adventures of David Hall and the Liberty Bell Proclaiming Liberty throughout the Land to all the Inhabitants thereof!

Additional links and contact information for David Hall and the Traveling Liberty Bell here.

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