Mark Costello is indeed the right fellow!

This has gotta be one of the best ads of all times.  How can character not be one of the most important issues of any race to always and forevermore be considered?  Documenting facts for voters and making them laugh at the same time will cause people to remember Costello, the Right Fellow, and vote for him too — if they have any ethics at all that is!

Here’s the ad on youtube for your education and entertainment.

formerly/ – This one has been removed; here is another version:

Will Oklahoma voters reward Lloyd Fields’ bad behavior? It’s our decision.

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“Lawmaker Ordered To Pay Child Support”
2. 2006-Special Interest-Oklahoma Ethics Commission,
3. 2008-Bull rider-The Oklahoman, Febuary 19, 2008,
“Labor chief sent to detox in incident”
4. 2008-Drunk Tank-McAlester News- Capital, February 20, 2008,
“Fields apologizes, claims incident a ‘misunderstanding'”
5. 2009-Settlement-Tulsa World, May 11, 2009,
“State offical settles lawsuit over firing”
6. 2010-OPEA-The Associated Press, July 21, 2010,
“OPEA considering charges against Labor Commissioner Lloyd Fields”