Jordan Page on Constitution Day

By Sandra Crosnoe


It was almost a year ago now that I met the most amazing musician at the Midwest Liberty Fest in Duquoin Illinois.  I was there to talk to everyone about social networking and he was there to unravel the message of the movement in song and delight the audience of faithful followers with his talent, his smile and his message.  We shared briefly in between sets and I learned of a deep faith and  warm personality and a depth of character that brings joy to all he touches.  His songs challenge us to understand where we have been and to point the way forward.

In biblical times praise and worship actually led the way into the battle.  In our day the message in the music often precedes the political will of the day.  It is like a foretelling and an awakening going on in the depths of our being.  You can sometimes see the war being raged for the hearts and minds of the people in the arts and music forms of a people.  I was raised in a Christian home and learned at an early age songs straight from the Bible.  Words set to music are embedded deeply in our psyche and  people respond to the message in multiple ways and on multiple levels of being – individually and corporately.

As I watched Jordan Page in Illinois that night I learned that he loves his audience and they love him.  He loves his music and treasures his gift and his Lord.  He gives of his talent and love for the freedom movement in so many ways and on so many levels it is impossible to convey.  He also knows his guitar so very well that it is almost an extension of his body.  The rhythms he set to play for us that night were embedded in the songs and the words were embedded in our hearts for a lifetime.

“Liberty” (Acoustic Version)

Jordan Page writes for us and sings for us and leads us to the place God has called us to be in Him – citizens of our heavenly home walking free and sovereign in our earthly dwelling place.

Song For Bob, The Pendulum and more!

Song for Bob

Now it is 2010 and Jordan Page has a new CD coming out soon. Find out all about this wonderfully gifted muse of our movement on AxXiom for Liberty this Friday night.   I will be cohosting with AxXiom this Friday night from 6-8PM on Rule of Law Radio and our guest will be Jordan Page.  We hope to have some previews from his upcoming release and will tell you how you can keep this troubador on the road for liberty and where you can see him next.

Jordan Page on Rule of Law Radio

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AxXiom for Liberty and Sandra Crosnoe

Friday, October 01, 2010 6-8PM CST


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