Congratulations to Debra Medina named a Top Influential Texan

Congratulations to Debra Medina and

We Texans

from R3publicans everywhere!

via We Texans:

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Many of us were so pleased to learn that Debra had been named as one of the Top Influential Texans in the Campaigns and Elections sections of Politics magazine which is a national publication. Although she was pretty far down on the list (37 out of 50 listed) we did make it. Also in the group she was in, were Tom Paulkin, Tom Craddick and David Barton. Of course Debra’s comments were that it really should have said WeTexans instead, but I think we all understand that that was what it meant. But that is just Debra – and that is one of the things that I love about her. Debra has always said that she is just the message carrier for the people in this organization and that it is us who have the influence. What other person do you know who is so willing to drag herself all over Texas and fight for our cause of freedom who is so unassuming?

[Editor’s note:  R3publicans are pleased to call several of these top Texans friends of life and liberty – please congratulate them and encourage them in their efforts.  We are particularly excited about Debra Medina’s work in the area of eliminating property taxes.  We hope her work via “We  Texans” spreads to many states as people begin to once again understand the essential imperative in the right to truly and freely own your own property as a basic tenant of freedom!]


3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Debra Medina named a Top Influential Texan

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    • This R3publican would not recommend that at all. I would prefer Debra to keep her Republican credentials in good standing. The voters have spoken and while she is a Republican, she was not the nominee of the party. Folks will have to work harder and stay involved in Republican matters to get the right candidates through the process.

      Third party is not the answer, but might be at some point if R’s don’t wake up. If I know Debra, she will focus on matters where she can make a difference as with We Texans and the property rights issue.

      I further do not like petition drives as name collection vehicles which can ultimately be used by people for unintended matters. I would prefer advocacy and opt in systems where I control who has access to my name and information and only provide it to sources that I know will not migrate it from point A to point unknown for things I never wanted to be involved with.

      As always, vote your conscience, that is just how I see the elephant at present!

      For Life and Liberty,
      Sandra Crosnoe

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