By Shelli Dawdy

In two recent articles, I laid out what I believe to be some unfortunate truths. In Don’t Count On A Republican Congress To Save The Day I theorized there is ample evidence and information that placing all hopes on the results of November’s election is a fallacy.

The title of the second, GOP Congress Will Not Save Us: Time To Choose OURSELVES,  was very deliberate both in repeating the mantra about Congress and in echoing the title of a 1964 speech by Ronald Reagan. Shortly before that year’s Presidential Election, Reagan informed America it was time to choose. He urged Americans to preserve freedom by rejecting the establishment of the day. He believed the members of the establishment embraced collectivism both at home with welfare state policies and abroad through the advocacy for “accommodation” of Communist nations. Reagan warned that failure to reject those forces would ultimately result in Nikita Kruschev’s prediction coming true. The Soviet dictator said America would someday freely choose Communism. Reagan believed it would come after a period that degraded the spiritual, moral, and economic fiber of the nation.

Ronald Reagan was correct. After decades of weakening from within, the wheel has turned – the paradigm has shifted. The forces which were oceans away in 1964 have embedded themselves in government and other structures of power. The appeaser crowd, then largely relegated to the Democratic Party and higher academia are now running the Republican Party.

If you remain a skeptic I urge you not only to read both of the above articles in full (they include a number of references), but in addition urge also that you read or watch “A Time for Choosing” and read the article “America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution” by Andrew M. Codevilla.

If you followed a link to this article, you are likely searching for answers. You are wondering what can be done to reverse the course of government and if you have stuck with what I’ve had to say so far, you must at least have some degree of skepticism regarding a Republican majority in Congress. That nagging feeling you’ve likely been having is to be encouraged.

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