By Shelli Dawdy
with Grassroots in Nebraska (GIN)

In my most recent post, “Don’t Count on a Republican Congress to Save the Day“, I made the case that a majority Republican Congress is not likely to result in either an overall reversal of the disastrous direction of our government or a repeal of such things as the historically bad healthcare law. In fact, I express the concern that what is more likely is a continuation of politics as usual.

The Republicans are still playing the political game. But we can’t afford games – it’s how we started down the disastrous path we’re now traveling on and how our speed has been exponentially increased. We may not know what lies at the end of that path, but many of us fear it may well be a catapult off the edge of a cliff.

I haven’t drawn my conclusion about results from a majority GOP Congress because of predetermination. I base my assessment and expressions of concern on patterns in history, very well thought out and fact-supported writings such as found in the article “America’s Ruling Class — And The Perils of Revolution”, recent events, first hand experiences in my local efforts, and from direct participation in the GOP.

I don’t even like the conclusions I’ve drawn. I don’t like the solutions that keep presenting themselves at every turn. They are not popular, not easy, and are likely to be very difficult to implement.

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