Wake up Dorothy! You’re not in Kansas anymore. (And no, America is not a democracy.)

Still living under the illusion that if we just get a Republican majority in Congress America will be “made safe for Democracy”?

If you are still buying into the myth that a Republican majority in Congress is “the answer to our problems”, then in fact, you are not only not in Kansas, you are not in any of the several states, including your own. Sure, you might be there physically, but the part of you that matters for the purposes of this discussion is somewhere else. Your focus, attention, and problem solving skills, at least, are stuck in Washington, D.C.

A D.C. focus at this stage is the one least likely to derail the express train to total government. And stuck on D.C. is exactly where the Ruling Class wants your head, your focus, your energy, your efforts, and above all, your donations.

For purposes of clarity, the Ruling Class includes establishment incumbent Republicans. (Need a full definition of the Ruling Class? See Andrew Codevilla’s article, America’s Ruling Class — And The Perils of Revolution)

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So, you may ask, what’s wrong with re-electing so many incumbents?