Dear Freedom Activist:

In the winter of 1777, George Washington’s tired, starving, defeated army escaped to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania to regroup and train for the fight ahead.

On August 12, 13, 14, 2010, the new forces of freedom will return to Valley Forge to meet, network, learn, train and prepare to stand against the growing American government threat that is destroying our economy, our currency, our free enterprise system and our ability to be free in our personal lives.

How to fight back!

The 10th Amendment movement is catching fire as states begin to demand their sovereignty from the tyranny of the Federal government; Sheriff Richard Mack is teaching local sheriffs that they have the power to say no to federal agents; local communities are learning how to expel international organizations like ICLEI that are enforcing top-down unelected control from the UN’s agenda 21 blueprint; a new approach to federal and state intrusion called “Coordination” is being used to regain local control. All of these processes lead to diminishing the power of the Federal Government over our lives – and all are based on local power of the people – just like the Constitution intends.

There’s one place where Americans can learn about all of these efforts. There’s one place where Americans can start the process to diminish the growing tyranny of government – the Freedom Action National Conference.

Join us on the hallowed ground of Valley Forge, and begin the drive to Take America Back!

To see a list of scheduled speakers – go HERE

Just to give you an idea, here are a few of this great lineup:  Charles Key, Amanda Teegarden, Larry Pratt, Sheriff Richard Mack, Tom DeWeese, and so many more.  It is gonna be good! This year Kaye Beach (AxXiom) will be there on Radio Row.

To register  – go HERE

This year the entire conference will be available online for those unable to attend.  Live Streaming option allows virtual attendees to watch all the same presentations and get the information as a live attendee through our streaming interface with access to the online video archives after the conference.

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Special thanks to all who are making this event possible and giving of their time and talents to get out information far and wide.