For the Win in 2010 Series Note: This is the first in a series of endorsements to be released by Oklahoma R3s. It is worth noting that many people working to restore the republic have been involved in all phases of the primary season and are working hard to elect people with constitutional limited government principles, so in one sense this is a formal way of letting everyone know who we have been helping and working with this season.

Press Release for Immediate Release

Subject:  Oklahoma R3publicans Endorse Howard Houchen for Congress in CD02

Oklahoma R3publicans are working to restore the republic in the Republican party in Oklahoma. Our state is one of the “reddest” in the nation and we are pleased to be a part of that dynamic.  R3s are grassroots, philosophically constitutional people of principle actively working to inspire Republicans to positive action.  We believe that powers not expressly delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states and to the people.  Our efforts across Oklahoma are focused on limited constitutional government.

In Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District, Howard Houchen rose up early to call out Dan Boren for his bailout vote in public venues [video link here].  For many months, Howard has been traveling his widespread district and beyond, spreading the message of limited, Constitutional government.  His commitment to reaching out to young and old, R’s and D’s, conservative and liberal, proves he would make a conscientious representative in Congress.  In addition to his winning approach to working with people, he is a dynamic speaker, and more importantly, thoughtful and well-read on the issues.  Howard’s work ethic and thorough approach to research provide him with important skills necessary to be a measured legislator.  He will serve District 2 well.

Sandra Crosnoe said on behalf or OKR3s,  “We are pleased to extend our Oklahoma R3publican endorsement to Mr. Howard Houchen for Congress and pray for him to have great favor from the people and from our Heavenly Father.  As Howard does his part so must we do ours for the win in 2010!”

Howard Houchen’s website contains additional information on issues and events.  He can be contacted via email to houchen2010[at]gmail[dot]com.

Sandra Crosnoe serves on the policy board for R3publicans and can be reached via email to sandiec99[at]hotmail[dot]com. Oklahoma R3publicans participate with other groups in Oklahoma to provide timely information via OKgrassroots online.

Special thanks to Howard Houchen and his guys for making this All American Garage Door, INC. Custom Hand Crafted Masterpiece "Republican - Restore * Renergize * Reignite" Display Garage Door and sharing it with us online!