July 3, 2010

Dear Chairman Steele (via info@gop.com),

Thank you for your recent remarks!

This is just a note to encourage you that the more the Bush/Cheney wing of the party slams you for standing up and speaking out (just a tiny bit), the more the declared war if you must crowd applauds the fact that finally there is the hint of reason in the camp. We know that there is a very vocal faction in the Republican party attempting to control free speech and freeze open debate on our US foreign policy via Fox News (or Faux News as I often say since they belong to globalist Ruppert Murdoch – duh!). The attempt to demonize anyone as unpatriotic if they hold any other view must stop.

R3publicans are working to restore the republic and return us to limited Constitutional government. We would have liked to see our borders secured as a top priority way before we got involved in undeclared wars, policing the world, and building palaces in foreign lands. That not being done and having inserted ourselves in the region, it is now a difficult task to extract safely and as quickly as possible. Only competent leadership there on the ground can begin to make that happen and I believe that our military leaders are capable of doing that if we will support them in that effort.

So thank you for standing up and taking the heat many of us have been feeling for so long. You have a difficult job to keep everyone playing nice in the sandbox together at the RNC and since we don’t have a real voice on fox news, we’ll just simply let you know personally – you are not alone. The war is over and the boys should extract safely and quickly and ‘just come home’ to quote my favorite Republican.

I hope you will be encouraged and protect the rights of the minority wing in the party. We know Republicans cannot win without us and we know spin when we see it. We also know the landscape is shifting within the party and the minority will soon be the majority. Actions speak louder than words, but words are a beginning. A sincere and heartfelt thank you for your recent comments.

For Life and Liberty,

Sandra Crosnoe