Although the media seems to have overlooked what would have to be a news worthy event, R3publicans are happy to report that Senator Randy Brogdon won the GOP straw poll last Saturday at the State Committee Meeting  54% to 42%  (details results below the videos).  Grassroots folks will need to spread the word and help out the MSM.  Here are the videos from the event:


Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Oklahoma GOP Gubernatorial Debate:

Special thanks to Bryan Mayberry for supplying R3s with the video links.

You may view the original post on Rogers County Republican Party website.

The actual playlist link on YouTube:

A straw poll was taken at the end of the debate.  The results:

Randy Brogdon 54%
Mary Fallin 42%
Robert Hubbard 3%
Roger Jackson 1%