Oath to Oklahoma

As a servant of the people of Oklahoma, by representing them in the U.S. Congress, I swear to faithfully uphold the Constitution and execute my office by committing to the following principles:

1.    I pledge to serve the people as their Representative in the U.S. House for a maximum of three terms (6 years) after which I will step aside and allow someone else the honor of serving the people in that capacity.

2.    I pledge to refuse participation in the Congressional health care plan, retirement plan, and any other tax-funded benefits plan or package.

3.    I pledge to never commit U.S. troops to any conflict I would not be willing to fight for myself, will only commit troops after Congress has voted on a declaration of war; and upon my vote in favor of war, will resign my position in order to enlist in the armed forces.

4.    I pledge to vote against any infringement on the people’s right to both keep and bear arms and will work to repeal legislation that infringes upon those rights.

5.    I pledge to vote against any and all increase in taxes, and the creation of any new taxes including taxes labeled as fees, fines, penalties, etc. and will work to lower and eliminate taxes as well.

6.    I pledge to work towards repealing the 16th amendment and eliminating the income tax.

7.    I pledge to work towards auditing and eliminating the Federal Reserve System and eliminating the legal tender laws, and will pursue audits of all our national monetary reserves.

8.    I pledge to vote against any and all bailouts, increases to the national debt, and all unbalanced budgets, and will work to lower and eliminate the national debt.

9.    I pledge to fight for the rights of every unborn child and vote against any legislation that will deprive our future generations of their lives, their liberty, and their opportunity to pursue happiness.

10. I pledge to stand up for the rights of the People and the States, and will work to remove all federal agencies, mandates, and laws that are not expressly listed in the U.S. Constitution.

Nathan Dahm for Congress

PO Box 2323 Broken Arrow, OK  74013

(918) 321-0780