Principles of Good Government

By Adam Kokesh, on May 26, 2010

1. Government must act only within its Constitutional legal authority.

2. We should evaluate government programs based on specific objectives and alter or abolish programs that do not meet their goals.

3. To shrink government responsibly, we should prioritize cutting programs based on which are the most harmful or wasteful.

4. Except for cutting harmful or wasteful programs, change should be made incrementally, with continuous assessment, and followed by precise adjustments.

5. All votes should be about one issue at a time.

6. Every function of government should be conducted at the most local level practical.

7. The federal government should never threaten to withhold funds in order to manipulate States or local governments.

8. All government budgets, agency rules, and proposed policy should be posted online in a way that is easily accessible in plain language.

9. Laws and agency policy should protect whistleblowers who speak out from within our government.

10. Elected leaders should live by the same set of laws and under the same programs as everyone affected by their policies.