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Watching the watchers . . . .

Kaye Beach AxXiom

Oklahoma Information Fusion Center

The Rule of Law Radio Network
April 30, 2010 Show #5

Watching the Watching the World Changes the World

Growing the Grassroots

In Studio Guest Host –
Mannalis Barnes

Mannalis is a bright and inspiring 15 year old young lady from Tulsa OK. She is brand new to civic activism but she has already learned that one person can make a difference!

The power of  Surveillance from below

* Government surveillance * Global Identity management * Fusion Centers and the New Paradigm of Policing

Featured Activists
Kevin Patrick, WV

Shelli Dawdy, NE

Oklahoma front line reports from; Jenni White, President of R.O.P.E., Restore Oklahoma Public Education, will tell us about an important issue and upcoming event AND Tim Gillespie from OK2A, to give us an update on gun rights legislation

AxXiom for Liberty