AxXiom Featuring Melinda Pillsbury Foster

AxXiom on Rule of Law Radio

Fridays 6-8PM CST

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Show on Party Politics

Featuring Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Host of Freedom News Hour

Thursdays at 5pm EST

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster has hosted radio shows for five years now. These have included The Spiritual Politician on BBS, The Melinda Show on The Micro Effect, and The Revolution Will Not Be Televised on Ron Paul Revolution Radio. Politically, she is a classical liberal who joined the Libertarian Party in 1974, serving on National Committee in 1987 – 88. In California she was Southern Vice Chairman for six terms, ran for office and managed campaigns.

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Rule of Law Radio (and click on the old fashioned radio to listen!)

originally published April 15, 2010 @0:27


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