Oklahoma State HB2811 Legislation
(Exemption from biometrics, social  numbering, and RFID)

By Mark Lerner

{. . .}This legislation does something else which we believe was needed.  It is our belief that the federal government has  no constitutional authority to set standards for state driver’s  licenses.  We believe this legislation makes a statement regarding  states’ rights (Tenth Amendment).  We will be educating  citizens/groups/organizations about efforts to reign in the abuse of  power by the federal government.  Representative Charles Key of Oklahoma  has legislation that “puts teeth” into Tenth Amendment legislation.    We will be sharing that legislation with states as I travel across the  country.

This legislation goes much further than the legislation that prohibits a  state from complying with the Real ID Act 2005.  Oklahoma currently has  law (thanks to State Senator Constance Johnson (D) and Representative  Charles Key (R)), that prohibits Oklahoma from participating in the Real  ID Act 2005.  Although the federal government has asserted that the  Real ID Act 2005 is voluntary, states have been “bullied” to comply.   Through our efforts and frankly the efforts of others, who have joined  us in this effort, 26 states have said no to the Real ID Act.

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First on your driver’s license, then when the data is stolen what next? your hand or forehead . . .

originally published Apr 12, 2010 @ 23:43