Axxiom: Oklahoma Senator Performs Magic – Calls Needed to Block RFID chips in DLs

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OK-SAFE explains;

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark (Oklahoma).”
Hamlet, Act I, Scene IV. Shakespeare

It appears the Big Government lobbyist has successfully found someone to amend HB 2569 for Senator Newberry….

At this point, if anyone amends HB 2569 the amendment will have taken place on Senator Newberry’s watch, making him responsible for putting the chip in the OK drivers license.

Senator Newberry has the power to move HB 2569 to the Senate floor, avoiding conference committee altogether.

Tell the Senators to Resist the Chip!

Please call your Senator today – ask that they stand strong on the original language in HB 2569 and say NO to the chip.

OK Senate Toll Free: 1-800-865-6490
Direct: 1-405-524-0126

To Find Your Senator

OK State Ethics Commission – To see campaign contributions, click on Campaign Reporting, then follow the links to see the C-1R reports of campaign contributions.


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