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Forewarned is Forearmed

During the last 36 hours of this campaign, it is important to recognize, that final volleys remain to be launched. We Texans have purchased additional media, supporters are knocking on doors and working polls doing all they can to assure victory as the voting concludes in this historic primary election.

It’s important to realize though that not all volleys will be launched with such noble purposes. Since so many of you have joined our ranks, we’ve made the big government folks awfully nervous. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rick Perry are seasoned campaigners who have employed vicious campaign tactics in prior years. They are likely to lob final shots at us on the eve of the election in one last ditch effort to destroy and defeat.

In years past, these have included media hit pieces and derogatory and downright deceitful automated telephone calls. Above all else the political establishment craves power and they will destroy anyone who tries to take it away from them.

In these final hours before the close of voting, remember that the sitting governor of Texas has allowed himself to be bought by special interests both in and outside of the state and remember that Senator Hutchison has betrayed her oath to the constitution and supported taxation without representation and socialistic slavery by voting for the bailout.

My fellow Texans, I remain committed to securing freedom and prosperity. We must stand together to put a stop to this lawlessness. Steadfast and true, we will not be defeated, we cannot be defeated! Together, we stand on the brink of victory, do not be diverted by the scare tactics of the past – stay the course.

I remain yours for freedom,
Debra Medina

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