Debra Medina in Rockwall, Texas

February 19th – this is part 1 of 9 parts

(go to youtube to watch all 9 parts approximately 10 minutes each and well worth your time – she covers, sovereignty, nullification, education, transportation, gambling, homeschooling, term limits, limited government and above all property tax and and private property issues and the importance thereof!)

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In segment 5 of this series she mentions a letter that RJ Harris (Oklahoma CD04 Republican Congressional Candidate) wrote her recently and she is definitely moved by the letter and the plan.  RJ is working to take a team to help the Medina campaign to help out in Texas next weekend.  To be a part of that historic effort and this tidal wave in Texas for Liberty go with RJ and his team or call/email friends there and make sure that every vote possible is cast for Debra Medina.  Early voting is happening now, so if you live in Texas, vote early so you can campaign on election day!
Here is RJ’s letter to the Medina campaign 2/19/10 (also posted on Daily Paul)

Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Austin, Houston…MEDINA!


Our founders fomented and successfully executed a revolution against the greatest western power of their age. The mainstream media of their day called them radicals, rogues and traitors, while we know them today as the Founders of the greatest republic in history. But would it not have been easier and more tranquil for them to have endured the tyranny of the King and justified it as divine right as did the pundits of their time?

Would it not have enhanced their reputations back in England, in the short term, to have behaved in a manner more politically correct? They could have turned a blind eye or a deaf ear when the King continued to trample on their inalienable rights as Human Beings or privileges as free English People. They could have sat idle while the compacts and contracts with the crown, which had brought them to America, were continually breached. But they knew something that we seem to have forgotten which is that acquiescence equals consent and consent equals the legitimacy of the government’s governance.

Thus it is the case today that when we acquiesce to the tyranny perpetrated upon us by our government, and remain silent for fear of what the media will say, we grant our consent to that government and become responsible for its actions. While We the People are waking up slowly to this truth, the establishment in power knows it well. For this reason, it wields the media in an effort to silence dissent and attain the consent necessary for the legitimacy of the establishment’s rule against those, like Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Debra Medina, who possess the audacity to demand accountability from, and transparency in our government.

Surprised we should not be then when Liberty Candidates like Debra are roundly criticized in the media for hesitating before acquitting our government for its failures on 911 and for its lack of transparency on the subject in the years that followed. She knows that consent in this case equals acceptance of responsibility for the government’s actions on and after that day. A consent that as governor she should be slow and judicious to grant, especially when the party asking for it has given her so many reasons, inadvertently or by design, to question its veracity. As the German People learned in the 1940s, not questioning your government can lead to the death of six million people.

It should then be worn as a badge of honor by our other Liberty Candidates when the main stream media targets one of for them with the same attacks leveled upon the founders–and now upon Debra–for in so doing the media inadvertently reveals to us which candidates are most like the founders themselves.

I am therefore exceedingly proud to have previously announced and now to affirm my endorsement for Debra Medina and I encourage all Liberty Candidate supporters–that are able–to contact the Medina campaign and offer their services to help her in these next critical days before the primary. Her valor fighting for the cause of freedom is an inspiration to patriots everywhere who love this Republic and wish only to see it restored to its founding glory. My supporters and I are ready and willing to visit Texas the weekend before the primary to help Debra spread the message of Liberty.

On March 2nd 2010, the hopes and prayers of our besieged Republic will be with you Debra and patriots from all over the world will wish they were Texans on that day.


RJ Harris
Constitutional Conservative Republican
U.S. Congressional Candidate
Oklahoma 4th District

originally published February 21, 2010 @13:45