Southern Avenger Strikes Again: Ron Paul People

Ron Paul’s 2010 CPAC straw poll victory was a win for the real conservative movement.
[Editor’s note:  Here we are at the tipping point!  We are all in the sandbox and we simply must learn to play nice with one another.  If we want to win elections we better try to figure out a way to get along.  Healthy debate is  . . . well . . . healthy!  Do you just suppose that we could all learn something from one another?/sc]

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4 thoughts on “Southern Avenger Strikes Again: Ron Paul People

  1. The transformation from skeptic to Ron Paul supporter is a process of change like that from the sun orbiting a flat earth to a round earth orbiting the sun and seems to be as slow in gaining popularity with all the pundits issuing dogma to fight it. As time passes and the evidence mounts, the age of enlightenment will arrive in spite of the inquisitions and book burnings. The Ron Paul People may yet deliver the key to the Bastille to Washington.

  2. I’m curious to see how all of this comes together. Americans seem to be unanimously against Big Government, but probably have some major foundational differences. I don’t know if we can all get along in the sandbox.

  3. Yes, we can all get along in the sand box if we come together on the common ground of the rule of law, limited Constitutional government, and the protection of life, liberty and property. All other issues are to be dealt with as per the 10th Amendment, e.g. at the state level. People must stop looking to the federal government for answers or coercion of others to any personal agendas, including blind support of Israel.

    Good comment, Lyle. The awakening is indeed a process along which each travels at their own speed, determined by their ability to see the truth of the message, comprehend it and act upon it.

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