Southern Avenger: 911 Truths

a comparison of two conspiracy theories . . .

How “911 Truth” conspiracy theorists who believe the U.S. government orchestrated 911, aren’t any more “crazy” than those who believe Saddam Hussein did.


2 thoughts on “Southern Avenger: 911 Truths

  1. I am respoinding to the govt side of the conspiracy.

    The public is not considering the global industrial complex that controls our govt.
    At the time of the 11 september events Richard Cheney was a major director and associate of this complex group.
    Who was he rep at the time in the control room that could have prevented the loss of life and property??

    Do you have the names of those companies??

    Had you considered that Blackwater is Al-queda under direction of this complex group??

    Had you considered the real possibility of Hillary taking over the presidency with a “terrorist” attack on Obama this next week??


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