[Editor’s note: This post is urgent for action for citizen’s of Oklahoma; it is important for all to check the status of similar legislation in your state and make sure your rights to opt out of people tagging is made known!]

HOUSE BILL 2943 the “Biometric Driver License Religious Exemption Act”

would allow for Oklahoma residents to opt out of any biometric identification system if it is contrary to their religious faith.

HB 2943 is in danger of being quashed before it even gets a hearing in committee

Leadership in the Public Safety and Judiciary Committee appears to be foot dragging and may not allow this bill a hearing.

CALL Rep Randy Terrill, Chairman of the Public Safety and Judiciary Subcommittee and let him know that you think that this is a very important bill and want it to be heard.

Representative Randy Terrill

(405) 557-7346


If Rep. Terrill will not allow HB 2943 to be heard, Rep. Ken Miller, as Chairman of the APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGET committee
has the authority to reassign the bill.

ASK REP. MILLER TO TAKE HB 2943 out of the Public Safety and Judiciary Subcommittee and take it back into the APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGET where it stands a chance of an impartial review.

Representative Ken Miller

(405) 557-7360


This decision needs to be made in the next few days or HB 2943 will NOT get the chance to be heard this session.

Tell these two legislators to please! Respect our right to act in accordance to our faith and not be entered into this system.

*More Information*

Real ID has not yet been implemented

26 states have said “No” to this act.

Oklahoma rejected REAL ID (SB 464)
yet Washington DC seems determined to force biometric identification upon us

The Real ID Act 2005 mandated that facial recognition technology be used for all drivers’ license photos; facial recognition, a biometric, measures distances between facial characteristics – specific parts of the mouth, eyes, nose and so on – and digitizes this information. Using this technology, each citizen would be enrolled into a single global biometric identification system.

No matter where a person is – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma or Paris, France – that person can be identified with the use of facial recognition technology. Closed circuit television cameras/surveillance cameras (CCTV) and linked computer systems make possible remote surveillance and global information sharing.

PASS IDcoming soon!

The PASS ID Act SB 1261
(also a biometric national ID but also will contain an RFID chip as well)
is expected to be foisted upon Americans this year and we do not want to reach the end of this session without some protection in place.

Real ID and the PASS ID Act both are terrible legislation! In a rare agreement: Both the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), representing the left and the right, stand opposed to the federal Real ID Act of 2005.

S. 1261, the “Providing for Additional Security in States’ Identification Act of 2009″ or the “Pass ID Act” or The PASS ID Act does not
improve the most objectionable aspects of the Real ID Act of 2005. For example;

1. The PASS ID Act requires a biometric facial image on all state driver’s licenses and ID cards. Just like Real ID.

Facial recognition software, biometric scans, and radio frequency (RFID chip) tracking along with linking of widely disparate databases taking place, will make truly pervasive surveillance and control possible.

2. The PASS ID Act would allow a RFID chip to be embedded in the licenses.

3. PASS ID prohibits federal agencies from accepting any non-compliant forms of ID for official purposes like boarding an airplane, entering a federal building or receiving benefits like Social Security. (Remember-these are tax-payer funded institutions and programs!)

4. National ID systems such as PASS ID create inherent and substantial risks of fraud and identity theft. If the bill becomes law, it would establish a national ID card.

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Summary for SB 464;

An Act relating to motor vehicles; providing legislative findings; prohibiting state from implementing certain act; directing the Department of Public Safety not to implement certain act and to report certain attempts to the Governor and Legislature; prohibiting state from collecting data for certain documents; requiring retrieval and deletion of certain biometric data; providing an exception; defining term; providing for codification; and providing an effective date.

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for more information on biometric ID