New American Features Constitution Candidates

Written by Thomas R. Eddlem
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 00:00

excerpt from article:

Oklahoma Governor: Randy Brogdon
Oklahoma’s two-term state Senator Randy Brogdon first won election in 2002 and has made a career of campaigning for lower taxes. In May of this year, he pushed a 10th Amendment state sovereignty bill through the Oklahoma State Senate. “With its passage today, it will go straight to President Obama and Congress,” Brogdon said upon passage of the bill. “We are telling them loud and clear to end all federal mandates that are beyond the scope of powers specifically outlined in the Constitution.”

Among the first targets in the cross hairs of a Brogdon governorship would be “federal aid” and all the mandates attached to it. “Washington politicians have gone too far. They use the promise of money, or the threats of withholding it, to coerce states into giving up their sovereignty,” Brogdon said, attacking the current Democratic Governor Brad Henry. “Governor Henry praised the federal stimulus package saying it would help our state, but it’s only put us in further financial trouble because the feds dictate how that money can be spent.”

Brogdon will face current two-term U.S. Congressman and former Lieutenant Governor Mary Fallin in the Republican primary. While Fallin has scored well in recent Freedom Index ratings from The New American (90 percent for the current Congress) and poses as a “conservative,” her rhetoric echoes that of the big-government Republicans of the Bush era. “My Administration’s first priority will be to create more and better jobs and lead this state towards long term economic recovery and growth,” Fallin says on her campaign website, as if government can create jobs. No polling data has been released on the Oklahoma Governor’s race as of this writing, but Fallin is presumed to be the frontrunner because of wider name recognition.

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