Oklahoma SovereignTea is Brewing – February 1st at the Capitol

If you live in Oklahoma mark your calendar, join a caravan, create a carpool, make a plan ; just do whatever it takes to be at the Capitol in OKC on February 1st when the session opens for 2010!  We will be tracking legislation and working together to make our voice heard loud and clear because

Oklahoma SovereignTea is Brewing at the Capitol . . .

Click on pic for more information on the event and links for bills

Capitol Investments website will serve as an aid to you in your efforts to stay informed on matters throughout the session.  Kaye Beach Axioms for Liberty (@Axxiom on twitter) is one of the founding members of R3publicans and works across the spectrum to keep us informed about what is happening in Oklahoma City at the Capitol.  Here is more about what she has put together for all of us and it is remarkable.  This woman is a wealth of information and knows her way around the Capitol too.  I daresay that everyone there knows who she is!  Her scribd group on current legislation will let you see the critical legislation coming down the pike and help you make your voice heard at the appropriate time so we can help pass the good bills and block the bad ones.  Bookmark this site and put it in your feeds too and pay attention folks.  We are gonna have some fun in OKC and model legislation for our friends across the country too!

I propose a toast to Kaye and applaud the opening of Capitol Investments!

For Life and Liberty

Sandra Crosnoe

Click on pic to see more About Capitol Investments!

See you in OKC at the Capitol on February 1st!

Oklahoma Standout Bills for 2010 here


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