Debra Medina’s Texas Campaign for Governor inspires a rap song (words below)

Medina for Texas

“Governor Medina”

Music by Tone Loc Funky Cold Medina

The truth is coming out and we’re breaking it down for the people:

Verse 1
I was lookin round Texas for political solution
A candidate that would understand the U.S. Constitution
I wanted me a leader who will nullify and veto
The insane laws in Austin that take freedom from the people
I wanted me a governor that would listen and take action
Roll back taxes for economic satisfaction
A lady who was willing to fight corporate obscena
A sharp mind and a steely spine Governor Medina

Verse 2
Rick Perry wants to stay there hes a slicked up politician
He talks the line and looks so fine has a highly paid beautician
His hair looks great but in his head hes lacking so much more
He thinks NAFTAs great wants to build a corridor
He abuses executive power, just ask a Mormon mama
Pushing Ghardasil means that hes pimpin for big Pharma
He used to be a democrat a chairman for Al Gore
Worked on his race in 88, need I say any more?

Look around Texans Ricks not working for you:

Verse 3
Kay Bailout wants to run and be the womans vote excitement
What they dont know is back in ninety fo, she had 3 indictments
Misuse of funds, like Attila the Hun, she voted for the war
She wants the United Nations to call the global score
Ole Kays been in the Senate, and things have not gone well
Shes voted with GW, our dollar went to hell!
So now you see for the GOP theres a candidate much keena
Rule of law, liberty for all its Governor Medina

We are calling the UN puppets out tonight:
We are taking the fight to the top and this is a battle we can win!

Drum solo
Breathers – Governor Medina
Break it down for you:

Verse 4
If you happy with the government than vote the same of game
But career politicians are driving me insane
Im doing something different gonna vote the real solution
Gonna rock the state of TX standing for the Constitution
Were gonna take it back and make the govt much leana
Gonna fight the Revolution with Governor Medina
Were gonna take it back and make this govt much leana
Its a Texas Revolution with Governor Medina

Theres a new game in town.
Were gonna say NO to the corporate corrupt FED!
We are calling you out tonight!

With Governor Medina.

Thanks to Penny Langford Freeman for her wit and courage!

You were awesome!


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originally posted October 4, 2009

see also Star Telegram report on the race here or click on pic!

NOTE: poll on site at time of posting – VOTE Medina FTW 2010

“Medina’s star rising in GOP gubernatorial primary”

from January 19, 2010