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Please consider your maximum monthly donation for this Oklahoma champion of the constitution and liberty standard bearer!

Many are questioning the staying power and tenacity of the Tea Party/912/Liberty Movement currently sweeping the Nation and whether it will have the political muscle to initiate and sustain real changes in the current government.

“On January 15th 2010 the Citizens of Oklahoma will have an opportunity to show the world that they are ready to directly engage the ruling classes in the political establishment by donating to a Congressional Candidate who owes no political favors, who has no political “career” to protect, and who has made Constitutional Conservatism the watch-words of his campaign.” RJ Harris

More About RJ Harris: RJ Harris is a currently serving nineteen-year Oklahoma Army National Guard Officer, two-time Iraq War Veteran and U.S. Congressional Candidate for Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District. He is a University of Oklahoma graduate in Philosophy and a second year law student at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. RJ is a Constitutional Conservative Republican and the first 912 Liberty Candidate in the nation. He has appeared on Fox News’ Freedom Watch twice with Judge Andrew Napolitano and been the featured guest on conservative/libertarian talk-radio programs across the country.