State Sen Brogdon Responds to Recent Poll in Oklahoma

Dear friends,

I know many of you saw the recent polls in the Tulsa World, and I am encouraged about the results! Now, you may be asking how polling 19% (within the margin of error) against my opponent is a “good thing?” Well, what the newspapers aren’t telling you is what was buried deep inside the polling data.

First, we have catapulted to almost 20% in a very short period of time on a limited budget. The simple truth is our numbers keep going up and my opponent’s keep going down.

Second, there were close to 19% of people in the poll who said “not for Mary.” Since we have yet to spend any money on television and radio, they simply don’t know that there is another option. Once Oklahomans hear about my pro-growth, pro-freedom campaign I believe the vast majority of them will become Brogdon supporters!

Do the math; 19% for Randy Brogdon plus 19% for anyone but Mary Fallin places us at 38%. All we need is 50.1% to win the primary this July!

Finally, in a head to head match-up against the democrat challengers, my name wasn’t included, only my opponent’s. She barely beat the Liberal Democrat candidate with a narrow margin of 51%.

All of the polls indicate 2010 is the year for a Republican to become Oklahoma’s Governor. It is clear, Oklahomans are looking for a Conservative Republican, to stand with the people and protect their rights from an overreaching government

Friends, we have accomplished a lot with the amazing help of volunteers like you! Join us and let’s build on our momentum! We truly are within striking distance and will certainly reach our goal if we remain excited about the trend that points upward for the Brogdon team. I need your help now, more than ever. The primary election in July will be here before you know it and thanks to you, I expect to be victorious.

Please invite your friends to visit our website and sign up to be a Brogdon volunteer. I humbly ask that you consider making the most generous contribution to the Brogdon for Governor Campaign that you can today! Thanks for your continued support as we spread the good news of freedom & liberty for all.

Dedicated to Liberty,

Randy Brogdon

[Editor’s note:  Primaries are about selecting the best candidate to represent us and in this case it is a no-brainer for R3s working to restore the Republic!  Randy Brogdon is for the people and the people will help him get elected.  Now let’s get those poll numbers up and talk across the back fence about our man for Governor of Oklahoma.  Teaparty folks and 912ers are going to have to declare party as Republican in order to help Randy Brogdon oust a bailout voter who is currently in the lead in this race.  But you know what, I believe that together we will Restore the Republic and it begins with some significant changes this year!  For Life and Liberty/sc]


2 thoughts on “State Sen Brogdon Responds to Recent Poll in Oklahoma

  1. I have been acquainted with Randy Brogdon for going on five years. I know him to be a Christian man, a deacon in his church, a husband, a father, a successful business owner, and both socially and fiscally conservative.

    Before being elected to the State Senate in 2002 by voters in Owasso, he served on the city council and as mayor of Owasso. He has decided to run for Governor to serve all of Oklahoma instead of seeking reelection to the State Senate.

    He has been voted Oklahoma’s most conservative legislator at least 3 times in the seven years since he was elected and holds a 93% conservative voting record; by far the highest in the State Senate.

    Randy supports a parent’s rights to decide how their children will be educated, citizens rights concerning abuse of eminent domain, tort reform and workers comp reform that will make Oklahoma more business friendly so companies will move here or expand here providing good paying jobs and lower taxes for the people of Oklahoma.

    Randy was the principal author of 2005 legislation that would have allowed the people of Oklahoma to decide if the state government should be put on a diet to control how fast it could grow.

    He has introduced frequent legislation to relax Oklahoma’s ballot access laws.

    Randy has fought diligently against the NAFTA Superhighway cutting our state in half, illegal immigration and REAL ID

    This year he urged Governor Henry to reject Federal Stimulus Money because of the strings attached in the form of mandates that Oklahomans cannot afford.

    His most recent battle has been to claim Tenth Amendment rights for the State of Oklahoma against an over reaching and over powering U.S. Congress.

    Randy Brogdon is a Patriot, a trailblazer and a leader I will willingly follow. He will have my vote on July 27, 2010 for the Republican nomination for Governor, and with your help, on November 2, 2010 he will win the election to become the next Governor of Oklahoma.

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