OWASSO, OK – Gubernatorial candidate state Senator Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) today announced his adamant opposition to the Obama administration’s Council of Governors.

“This power grab eliminates the lines between federal and state authority,” Brogdon said. “This move by the administration undoubtedly violates our Tenth Amendment rights as a state.”

The establishment of the Council was directed by the 110th Congress in 2008 by the enactment of Public Law 110–181, Section 1822. However, an executive order was signed by President Obama on the 11th of January to initiate the action.

The Council of Governors, according to the White House web site, will consist of ten governors selected by the President and will work directly with federal military and security agencies on military activities within the United States.

“As governor I would never sit idly by and allow the federal government to usurp power clearly delegated to the State of Oklahoma,” Brogdon said.

Brogdon, a longtime defender of states’ Tenth Amendment rights, called on Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry to boycott the Council if called upon, and immediately denounce any further intrusive action on the citizens of this state.

“This is an opportunity for us as a free people to stand up and stand strong for the protection of our freedoms,” Brogdon concluded.


Randy Brogdon Against Power Grab Video