and you vote for it anyway – how shall the people ever again trust you on any matter whatsoever?

Show us the bill!

Read the bill!

Healthy debate!

Never let a clearly unconstitutional bill hit the floor.

If anything in the bill is bad or false – the whole bill should be declined right?!  If it is wrong – it is just plain wrong.  If any piece of the bill is unconstitutional – just #sayNO.  Easy not rocket science at all!

PS  Don’t sell your soul for $10 or $10M or $10B.  Once we have established that you are for sale – then you are just haggling over price.  So just say NO because health care is not a function of federal government.  The health care bill is unconstitutional from the get go and if you do vote for it you should get a pink slip from the people very soon and with good reason.

Don’t follow Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson’s bad example . . .

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