URGENT!!! Retake the precincts ~~ Retake the Party ~~ Retake the nation!!!!!

We CAN make a difference, but time is running VERY short. PLEASE read my email and send it to EVERYONE you know who cares. Especially patriots, tea party folks, etc. PLEASE GET YOUR GROUPS INVOLVED IN THIS and ask them to share it with others.

Debbie McKee

Rallies, marches, phone calls, letters – we’ve not been heard have we? Many are desperately asking “What can we do!?!?”

The rallying cry across America seems to be “throw the bums out” and “clean house”!!!

How many people realize that just cleaning house will not take care of the problem? It would be like treating a symptom, but not getting to the root. We must get to the roots of the weeds, not just mow the tops off.

What are the roots? The political parties, the seed bed from which all politicians grow. The parties which are supposed to hold their candidates (our public servants) accountable to keep their oaths to the Constitution.

The newly awakened conservative base of voters must get involved in the parties. The party with which you feel most closely aligned. This doesn’t mean that you put party above principles, God forbid, but that you work to influence the party leadership, steer the party in the right direction. Always vote your principles and work to bring better and better choices out from the party.

Retake the precincts ~~ Retake the Party ~~ Retake the nation

This will not be accomplished overnight, but it’s where we must focus our energies if constitutional conservatives have any hope of saving our Republic.

The precinct is where things begin, then the county, state and national levels. Each level is made up of a committee and chooses (or helps to choose) the leadership of the next level up. We must get involved at the precinct level. It doesn’t require a huge time commitment, but the rewards will be astounding.

Imagine a few hundred thousand activated, conservative individuals working where we can REALLY make a difference!!! We must do more than blow off steam, we must get involved.

The deadline in Texas to file for a place on the ballot is January 4, 2010 at 6 PM. The form must be notarized and turned in to the county chair or secretary of the county executive committee of the party. I suggest you make a copy for yourself and get it signed when you turn it in. Other states have later deadlines.

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For Liberty and Justice for All,
Debbie McKee
Texas Coordinator Campaign for Liberty
Greenville Area Tea Party

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