The Untold Story of the New Maps Tax

The new Maps Tax is a tax by the rich OKC Elite on the working people who make this city run. The Elite plan to build their Downtown Disneyland on the backs of the taxpayers. The Elite certainly don’t want to pay the same proportion of their income that they want to force on everyone else. They’re also not talking about the new taxes that will be forced on us to build a new $400 million County Jail. (More below on the jail.)

Consider this: Everyone knows that the sales tax is the most regressive tax there is. In OKC that works out to 8.375% on every dollar spent on all goods people buy. That’s $83.75 on every $1,000 you spend on food, clothing and other necessities. The new Maps Tax works out to about $10 a month on every resident of OKC. That’s every man, woman and child. $40 a month for a family of four.

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Porter Davis