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How to attend the Twown Hall

By Andrew Sharp, on Oct 19, 2009
[Reprinted here for R3publicans to join in the fun!]

Tonight at 5:30pm MST is the beginning of our first-ever “twown hall,” which is a town hall on  Because we are breaking new ground in hosting this event, not everyone is certain how exactly to attend.  Here is a step-by-step guide to participating:

1) Do you already have a twitter account?

Yes – Good! Move on to step #2.

No – No problem! Signing up on twitter is free and easy.  Just go to, click the “sign up now” button, and fill out your information.  You can skip the next two steps by clicking the “skip this step” button at the bottom.

2) Tweet your questions to Adam.

Once you are at your homepage, there will be a box at the top under the words “What are you doing?”  Instead of typing in what you are doing, type “@AdamKokesh” and then your question.  Remember that “tweets” must be less than 140 characters long, so be concise as possible.  Also, if you can fit it in at the end, type our hashtag, “#k4c” which will allow other twitter users to see your question, and Adam’s answer.

3) Follow the conversation!

There are a number of different ways to follow the “twown hall” as it happens.

– In the search box on the right hand side of your Twitter homepage, type “AdamKokesh” (one word).  This will show you both the questions posed to Adam and his responses.  When there are new tweets, a box will appear at the top which you can click to update the search.


– Go to our website and scroll down about half way to the “Kokesh on Twitter” tweet stream.  Simply click the “refresh” button in your browser and it will automatically update with ANY tweets that mention the word “Kokesh.”


– Go to the website, and in the three boxes, type “#k4c,” “Kokesh,” and “@AdamKokesh.”  The three columns will then automatically update whenever anyone tweets with these words. (If there is a location in the box at the top, like “null,” make sure to delete it so the field is empty)

You can tweet your questions to Adam at anytime during the day or during the event.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at and I’d be glad to help!

Let’s make this a great event!  Remember, you can’t spell “twown hall” without “wow!”