The United States of Goldman Sachs

Some ‘light’ reading recommendations from our good friend Charles Burris for your weekend:

Check out this outstanding Glenn Greenwald article on the takeover and domination of the executive branch of the government of the United States by the Wall Street investment firm of Goldman Sachs.


Not convinced yet?  Read this amazing series of articles by journalist Matt Taibbi on how Goldman Sachs captured the government.

Finally, for the essential historical background on this subject, here is economist/historian Murray N. Rothbard’s seminal “Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy,” one of the most important articles you will ever read.  For many years I have had my high school students read it and answer 20 brief essay questions on its contents.  This is vital information all Americans should know.

Charles is a history teacher in the Tulsa area and is widely published and respected in our movement.  You can contact him via email [anarchteacher’at’yahoo’dot’com].

4 thoughts on “The United States of Goldman Sachs

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  3. Citi’s Rubin hired Geithner from Kissinger Assoc, to T. G. then worked for Peterson of Blackstone who chaired NY Fed Board. Rubin worked for Pet. at the CFR, as did Hills and Cohen, who were on AIG’s board, then working for Greenberg Ctr at the CFR. Rubin-Geithr-Peters ,more an intell op than a busin. corruption issue, espec when GS board is tied closely to BP-Shell Euro oil cartel. Taibbi covers this up by making GS. the top of the hierarchy, ignoring foreign oil, intell ties(Atl,Ptner.-CFR).

  4. The global narcotics trade is the biggest business in the world. It is fueled and enabled by money laundering on a vast gigantic scale by banks and financial institutions across the planet. I am awaiting for some team of researchers to connect the dots linking the “underworld” of organized crime (narcotics) to the “upperworld” of the establishment (Wall Street banks and CFR-connected corporations/foundations/media) in the global economic crisis. How much of those trillions of “toxic assets” are noxious narcodollars? I suspect that a significant part of the problem behind AIG lay with this clandestine intersection of drug money and money laundering, hence the beginning of the bailouts. Can you visualize Goldman Sachs as the world’s largest pusher? And what would that make their principal pimp, one Barack H. Obama? It’s time to quit ignoring the Narcosaurus in the bankster boardroom (and in the network newsroom). Let the truth finally come out!

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