Agent Provocateurs?

September 24-25

G20 Protests in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

G-20 Pittsburgh :  LRAD Sonic Crowd Control – on Myspace

Live streaming video here now Republic MediaTV

More info on Infowars

People currently unaccounted for:

Phillip Figueiredo-Philadelphia, PA
Sam Logulo- Cincinatti, OH
Lee Lovino- Chicago, IL
Luke Rudkowski- Brooklyn, NY
Dan Panzella-Staten Island, NY

Pittsburg News Report

PittNews on protest G-20

Reuters report says only one arrest

Post Gazette Report – Were these people at the same event?

A good friend of mine sums up this troubling situation;  well worth the read (see StubbornFacts for more):

“I’m having trouble sorting out what disturbs me the most…is it the President of my country tearing apart the notions of sovereignty and agreeing to salary caps, is it Storm Trooper like police, is it anarchists, the wild, wild disparity of media reports on these events, a gnawing sense that its impossible to get down to the truth, or that I even suspect my government of sending in agent provocateurs?”

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Additional background on G-20 Protest #resistG20

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