Russia Today

September 11, 2009

We have got used to the fact that in the modern world everything can be done with the help of computer and internet. We check e-mails, browse the Internet, buy, sell, blog and share different files. We download books, computer games, music and movies from non-verified sources and dont think if its legal or not. So what should we do about verifying them?

Let’s try to figure out this problem presented in a new XL Report
on Russia Today

[Editor’s note: The concepts of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association, and Freedom of Information as well as Transparency and Accountability all come to mind as we try to sort this one out.  I was personally intrigued with the use of the word collectivism in this report and the attempt to legitimize piracy.  Copyright issues are of course come into play as well since we all know that we live in an ever increasingly letigious society.  But who wants to fight in court constantly about matters.  Do you suppose Common Sense ever enters into the picture any more?/sc]