Freedom 21 – Friday August 14th


Day 2 of Freedom21

Health Freedom Session

8:30 AM Central: Dr. Jeff Marrongelle – How the Feds are Stealing your Health Care Choices

9:00 AM Central: Scott Tips – Codex Alimentarius and Dr. Jane Orient – Caps, Quotas and Czars the plan to Wreck American Medicine

Break Out Sessions including:

10:30  AM Central: Mark Lerner – Fighting Real ID in the State Legislatures and Kaye Beach on activism at the capitol.

Attacks on the Freedom Movement and How to Fight Back Session

12:00PM: Marc Morano – Unraveling the Climate Change Hoax

Afternoon Sessions:

1:30PM: Chuck Baldwin – The Southern Poverty Law Center and MIAC
Patrick Wood – Dark Moon Rising: The Technotronic Era

2:30PM: Mark Lerner – International ID Federal Control of Drivers Licenses and Representative Sam Rohrer – Real ID and PASS ID

4:00PM: Larry Pratt – Real ID and Gun Control

4:30PM: Judith McGeary NAIS and HR 2749

5:00PM: Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdon – How to Restore America to Constitutional Principles

7:00PM: Bob Schulz – Continental Congress 2009

Editor’s note:  Special Thanks to Gary Franchi and Restore the Republic for his email reminder today and some of the information included here in this post!