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Michael Maresco, our Liberty Rider’s Journey from the Statue of Liberty to Alcatraz continues to multiply across the land.  Michael was here in Oklahoma in June and is now in Nevada near Yerington.  When he was here he visited a number of county sheriff’s and delivered some books and information to the counties that he pedaled through, but he could not go to all of them.  So several of us purposed to see if we could personally visit with all of the sheriffs in Oklahoma.

Last week, I visited with my county’s (Washington) Sheriff, Rick Silver in his office.  I’ve lived in Bartlesville for several years, but I had never been in our county courthouse.    I must tell you it is a little intimidating with security as you go in, but the officers, actually everyone, was so pleasant and helpful and pointed me right to the sheriff’s office for our meeting.  When I arrived, I waited a few minutes at the counter before Sheriff Silver came out to greet me and invite me to his office.

Once seated, I got my breath and we exchanged a few pleasantries.  I asked him if he knew about Michael’s ride across country and he seemed a little aware, but he really brightened up when I gave him Sheriff Mack’s book. He said several people had given him copies.  I told him to share this copy with his staff if he already had one.  I gave him the special copy of the Constitution with our web site links in the inside cover and explained that he could find out more about ‘us’ there.

Along with all the things Michael so graciously provided for our visit, I also took him some material about Senator Randy Brogdon and his race for governor.  The Sheriff said that he would very much like to meet him and visit in person if possible.  I hope we can make that happen!

Then we visited about the Fema web site announcement that there would be military exercises in our state.  I had printed out these two pages for him and left them with the sheriff.  I asked him if he knew about that and he said he did know about it a bit.  I asked if he had given them permission to be in our county and he indicated they probably didn’t need his permission.  I tried to tell him that they really did and that it was his job to protect us from improper federal intrusion, but I’m not sure we connected on that point at all.

Maybe he’ll think about it a bit more and I can follow-up one of these days.  I got his email and we agreed to keep in touch.  In the meantime, I reccomend if you are from Washington County that you visit with him too. If not, I urge you to visit with the Sheriff in your own county. Let’s all figure out what we need to do to protect our county from improper federal intrusion in this county!  We need to exercise our rights to keep them and I am sure it will take all of us in the days ahead.

For Life and Liberty,


For helpful instructions on contacing your local sheriff, including a list of suggested materials, visit the Liberty Rider site HERE.