While on a search for the source of a graphic tonight, I discovered an interesting video which is embedded here for you to view.  It is a fascinating allegory which reminds me of a good friend’s instruction to me that life was a lot like an onion with lots of layers to go through.  While I suspect there is some truth here that we all could learn from the problem that I see is thinking that we are the solution.  The other problem that I see is thinking that we are not the solution!  So which is it?

I suspect that if you think you are the solution that is the problem and it is one of self-centered, control, and ultimately arrogance.  The old pride goes before a fall truth tidbit.  If on the other hand you do not see your part in the solution and your ability to impact your world, than you also become part of the problem.  This would be by reason of a different kind of false humility and not understanding who indeed God made you to be; knowing the authority that He gave you to ‘occupy the planet’ until He comes for you to take you Home (hopefully you have chosen to spend eternity to be with Him, but that would be a matter for another time and my personal blog if you like).  Here is my comment on the video post:

This is interesting on so many levels. First are we enlightened or unenlightened? I learned a long time ago that the deceived cannot see and except the Lord open’s our eyes, that would be us. I pray for His revelation along the way as I go!

I suspect that He shares with us to the degree we can contain the revelation, which would behoove us to empty ourselves and humble ourselves! The moments of His presence and His Rhema Word are indeed worth the journey!  Thanks for the post!/sc

He who the Son of Man sets free is free indeed!

So now on to the matter that led me to the cave and the video. . .

I found a great graphic about the traitors in the Republican party who voted for the Cap and Trade bill on Friday and my search lead me to a wonderful site with lots of awesome graphics!  The only thing the graphic artist asks is credit for his work and that is surely something I would ask all my readers to honor because it is the right thing to do!  Thanks Leo for sharing and for caring about making a difference!

So here it is the graphic that I went in search of:

LCA - CapandTax8

I encourage you to visit and explore the other wonderful graphic creations on this website TheLCAbroadside:


I would simply add to this is that it took a whole lot of Democrat traitors as well and anyone voting for this bill or any one of the bailouts should be targeted for immediate removal.  No excuses!  There were a few who didn’t show up for the vote including my own Oklahoma Representative John Sullivan who wasn’t there because he is in Rehab right now.  He had excuses for voting for the first bailout too.  We have a moral ethical dilema here and it is not them it is us if we return any of these people to office!  They have showed us their inability to stand on principle.  The question now before us is what we will do about it.

I am not sure how long we have to save the country from moral and financial destruction.  What I can assure you is that R3publican will keep holding up the standard of limited government and constitutional principles and we know that you will too.

Action item #1:  Attend a grassroots teaparty and get connected with other like minded individuals in your area.  Give no money to any incumbent or party or group supporting incumbents who voted for the bailouts or Cap and Trade.  We can clean house together!

Action item #2:  Call your Senators and ask them to block Cap and Trade and learn how to say no on just about everything.  We are busted, out of money, broke, in the hole, in the red, in debt, in slavery and now enslaving our future generations.  We cannot bailout other countries anymore, we need to shut down whole departments, and most of all we need to quit stalking our own citizenry.

Action item #3:  Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. There are many ways to interpret “the worst”, but in view of the state of our finances and legislation like HR 2454, one very plausible interpretation is serious inflation and a steep economic downturn. In peparing for the worst, we should ensure our houses are literally in order. We should batten down the hatches, guard against inflation by investing today’s dollars in tomorrow’s necessities. We should cut unnecessary spending from our budgets and perhaps, spend some time learning some of the lost arts our grandparents and even parents were so skilled at, such as gardening, sewing, and doing our own maintenance work.