OK-SAFE Overview of 1st Session of (2009-2010)

June 2009 — 52nd OK Legislature

Special thanks to Amanda Teegarden for sharing this presentation with us and for all the terrific work OK-Safe does to help the grassroots and the legislature be informed and properly engaged. Please help them any way you can with time and talent and treasure. We are blessed to have them working with us in Oklahoma to restore the republic and keep us truly safe. Hope you enjoy the slide show and will go to their site.  Please let them know you want to keep in touch because their information is on time and on target.  This presentation is shared with permission here for our readers.

Copyright OK-SAFE, Inc June 2009 52nd OK Legislature (2009/2010)

Call/email your elected officials: Invite your Legislator for coffee,  No more DNA bills,  Protest the ‘direct electronic access’ to the DPS database, Request the Religious Freedom and Privacy Act be heard and passed this next session OK Legislature

House of Representatives: 1-800-522-8502

Senate: 1-800-865-6490

To find your Legislator

OK-Safe is one of the sponsors for Freedom 21 in Midwest City Oklahoma August 13-15.  Many of our friends will be attending and speaking.  It should be an excellent event!  Hope to see you there.Freedom21Flyer