The Elephant in the Roomelephant-Republican

(originally posted May 27, 2009)                      [Editor’s note: reposted with permission   @ehvogel /sc]

There is growing sentiment that Senate Republicans will roll over and allow Sonia Sotomayor to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. As much as I’d like to think otherwise, the numbers just don’t add up. There is, however, a fantastic opportunity to highlight Obama’s radicalism during confirmation proceedings.

I sense a growing theme out there in the “right-wing conspiracy” that, even though Republicans can’t block the nomination, they can use it as a vehicle to call to question Obama’s positions. I could direct you to numerous blogs, online news articles and commentary on talk radio to bolster this point.

If the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee do not seize this opportunity to hammer away at Obama, I say, throw all the bums out! They need to drag this out as long as possible to capture every possible opportunity to get a sound-bite out on the evening news. It will take an extended period of debate and questioning for this to
happen and the mainstream media will NOT be a willing accomplice in this effort. They will do everything in their power to cover up ANY dissent.

The hearings are not about getting her nomination thrown out. They ARE an opportunity to highlight the socialistic and sophomoric agenda of the Obama administration. After all, think about all the other left-wing justices that were nominated to the Supreme Court by Republican Presidents. Anthony Kennedy and Sandra Day O’Connor were nominated by Reagan and David Souter was nominated by Bush 41. They never thought that they would end up with what they got.

Now we know what we’re going to get and there’s not a damned thing Republicans can do about it. What they can do is use their fleeting moment in the spotlight to call attention to the elephant in the room!